Friday, July 31, 2009

Crown Imperial Lily?

I would love to grow some Crown Imperail Lilies in my garden but never see them for sale anywhere. Does anyone know where I can purchase these online in the UK and is it better to get the seed or bulb? Any planting/care tips would me much appreciated too, thanks.

Crown Imperial Lily?
Crown Imperials, or Fritillaria Imperialis - the correct bontanical name, are sold as bulbs in late summer and best planted early, rather than late in the autumn or winter.

You can grow from your own saved seeds, but this can take many years, whereas decent szed bulbs will flower the following spring, from planting.

They're normally found as red or yellow, each has a 3rd part to their name, which denotes colour.

Plant them on their sides, with the little hole pointing sideways, as these bulbs can rot easily. Also, place some gritty sand underneath, to help with this too. Fertilise well following flowering, to help the bulbs build themselves up ready to form the flowers inside of them, ready to grow up for your delight the following spring.

I've loved them, even their mousy smell, since I was a little kid. Most garden centres start stocking from late August, I haven't purchased from the internet or catelogues.

Good luck! Rob
Reply:You need to look in all the rubbish that is pushed through the door, fliers etc
Reply:You can usually purchase the bulbs at any garden centre. Instructions for planting are on the packet. I bought one a few weeks ago from a Wyevale Centre and planted it in a pot. Two shoots have sprouted and I wait with bated breath for the flower.
Reply:wow i love these lilies they are so pretty i would sugest purchasing a bulbs rather than a seeds because bulbs are easy to work with and you can get them at any local garden centre they take a while to find but they are there some were lol good luck im shure you will find them and they will look lovely in your garden amy xxx


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