Monday, August 3, 2009

Lily Allen..........?

Does anyone else wonder as to how she can look in a mirror and think werain a dress and trainers look good? I mean i love her music but can't stand her style

Lily Allen..........?
I like it; it's a way to convey the message "Who needs to be elegant-looks and appearance is not as important as the inside".
Reply:i hate her. i think her vioce and songs are annoying too--buy james dean bradfields almum "the great western" now thats an album!
Reply:it's different - i think she's a welcomed change to other women performers that dress like sl*ts....

girls aloud now they have a great sense of style *ahem*
Reply:She's 20 so she think s she's got the best style and the best attitude. You're suppossed to be like that at her age. But she looks crap to me and her music is like baby tunes.

Is James Dean's album good then? I've not heard anything from it?

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Lily Allen?

What does LDN stand for?

Lily Allen?
London (England) she talks about what it;s like there and her experiences such as "Sun is in the sky oh why oh why would I wanna be anywhere elses" and "Walking round London town".
Reply:Lol Thanks! Report It

Reply:London. She grew up there =)
Reply:London. lol.

The whole song is about London.

Reply:London =)

Lily Allen Is Great =)

Much Love


Reply:I believe it stands for London, that town on the Thames.

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LILY ALLEN MIXTAPE has anyone got the tracklisting for it?!?!?!?

mixtape one especially thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LILY ALLEN MIXTAPE has anyone got the tracklisting for it?!?!?!?
Reply:I don't know but she is the bomb!!

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Lily Allen Concerts?

Does any body know her concert dates?

Lily Allen Concerts?
.She's touring Australia July/August(08)With concerts Melbourne,Sydney and Perth.Then returning to the UK for a rest.Before her 2nd album


Lily Munster or Morticia Addams?

Morticia; Dark yet lovely

Lily Munster or Morticia Addams?
Reply:Morticia.. she was hell of sexy and always flaunted it. Lily seemed too ditzy.
Reply:A three-way with Morticia and Thing.
Reply:Lily Munster - loved her hair - just like Cruella DeVille
Reply:Lily Munster
Reply:Could you finish your question?
Reply:Morticia Addams.She was hot,and had a sense of humor.
Reply:you been peeking through my windows

Lily baby and I am keeping my streaks they are sexy
Reply:Lily Munster
Reply:Morticia... She was dark and aloof.

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Lily or Laela?

Which name do you like better?

Liliana Rose


Laela Christine

Lily or Laela?
i really like both but i think Laela Christine is best because it is a little more unique than lily but they are both very pretty
Reply:Based on first names only, I like Liliana. I don't know that I would pair it with the ever popular Rose, unless there is some sort of meaning behind the choice of that name. The name Lily Rose seems a little too "floral" for my taste.
Reply:I like Liliana best, but I think Rose is too much "filler". I really like Liliana Christine.
Reply:Liliana Rose
Reply:liliana rose is my fave
Reply:Lily is a lovely name.

Liliana Rose is pretty, but Laela Christine is also a nice choice as it's a little different.

Laela Rose might also work?
Reply:With the combinations, Laela Christine definitely. Liliana is a gorgeous name, but the Lily-Rose thing is a bit tired. What about Liliana Rosalie or Liliana Christie? I love Laela spelled like that, but Lily just happens to be one of my most favorite names ever!

Good luck!
Reply:Liliana Rose sounds beautiful!
Reply:Laela Christine.
Reply:I like both, but if you go with Laela, spell it Layla.
Reply:liliana rose is cute
Reply:laela christine.
Reply:Laela Christine
Reply:Both are beautiful...

I think that Laela Christine is more unique, though I also love the name Liliana.

What about Liliana Christine?

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Lily Allen has said she is fat and ugly. I think she is. Do you?

Check any photo of her.

Lily Allen has said she is fat and ugly. I think she is. Do you?
i wouldn't say she was fat or ugly, but i would say she is a talentless whingebag with a famous father.
Reply:i think she is 2 i hate her she is a ugly fat ***** Report It

Reply:she can't sing to save her life so she just quit the showbiz thing and go and work at MacDonalds or something. She's just after publicity, there's more things going on in the world to worry about Lily Allen's pathetic behaviour, she needs to get a life is what she needs to do!
Reply:No, I don't. She is NOT fat and you are an idiot for thinking she is. So she is short with wide hips, that doesn't make her fat. Have you never seen a short girl with wide hips or do you only follow the Hollywood stereotypes?

As for being ugly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I guarantee if she was just another girl on the street, you wouldn't think she was ugly. You are too busy holding her up to all the plastic fantastic models and expecting her to look like them.

Reply:I don't think she is fat, but UGLY and Fake , YES!!! why does fake a working class persona , but when clearly she is middleclass
Reply:She is Keith Allen's daughter,so she was never going to be Audrey Hepburn was she?
Reply:I will give that pig 10/10 for telling the truth.
Reply:She is not a size zero, but I wouldn't call her fat. And she's not ugly either. She has a pretty face, as well as a good singing voice.
Reply:no she knows shes not, just wants to be seen.
Reply:No, she's a healthy size, I don't think she's ugly =)
Reply:She looks like Waynetta Slob.
Reply:I think she has a unique look but not ugly.
Reply:some people may like her some may not. everyone to their own!
Reply:Does it matter what you think? So are you saying that everybody should be like Nicole Richie %26amp; Kate Moss twigs? Lilly is a size 12- 14 smaller then most people who slate her. I think Lilly Allen is perfect the way she is and she doesnt need people like you judging her because she gets it enough from people who are a bit more important then others. Fair play you have made your opion but im making mine!!!
Reply:wow at last something me and Lilly agree on!! i never thought I'd live to see the day
Reply:8 Stellas and a bag , i might....
Reply:wow. I think she's gorgeous. Lovely skin, lovely eyes and a really cheeky look. Why would any of you care enough to come on here and slag her off?

Does the concept of a celebrity wanting attention shock anybody? she wouldn't be in that world if she wasn't a bit of an attention-seeker now would she?

There are enough miserable wenches around the world publicly celebrating being a size zero, even though they know it can lead to eating disorders and illness in young girls who can't see through them. We need more normal shapes in the media, and we need less of the snobby "ooh she's a chav" responses in here. Sourpusses the lot of you!
Reply:i'd do her
Reply:Fat - no, but she looks like her dad so yes to the second part
Reply:no, but i think she sad n stupid for wanting all the attention
Reply:She forgot to add "chav" to that list as well
Reply:another celeb doing a publicity stunt, funny how her range of clothes have just come out isnt it.
Reply:Fat!?!?!? Are you crazy? I take it you like your women to look like 13 year old boys, like Kate Moss et al? She's got her own look, which suits her, and lovely eyes. Not to mention a record contract, fashion line, etc, etc...

My daughter thinks:

As being a teenager my self i think she is pure legend, she has developed her own style and i think its real class!!! i dont see why people have a problem with her, yes she has a big mouth but what young person hasn't?
Reply:Condoning a person's negative comments about themselves is destructive to that make themselves want to achieve this emaciated, sickly look like so many feel is necessary, just because someone is not a size O, they are not fat, and beauty is different in each case, would be a pretty boring place if we all looked alike now wouldn't it....she looks fine, let's not encourage any more celeb's to head down a road of self destruction with eating disorders, and ungodly amounts o plastic surgery so that they fit the stereotypical role that society has forced upon us
Reply:You forgot to include doghead Chav as well
Reply:shes a trog